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How to find the right debt counselor

The right debt counselor will get you out debt in no time, while the wrong one will put you further into debt and probably legal trouble. 

We understand that it can be difficult to know which debt counselor to choose with everyone promising the moon and the stars to you. 

Here are the main things to consider when deciding which debt counselor to go with:

1. Make sure they are registered with a PDA

This is perhaps the most important step. 

What is PDA? It’s a Payment Distribution Agency. A PDA registration ensures that all your payments will be allocated correctly, to the right creditors, and in the right amounts, to get you out of debt faster. 

2. Availability

An important but often overlooked step when choosing a debt counselor. Always ensure that your debt counselor will always be available to attend to your inquiries.

You will have a lot of questions as you enter debt review. You need someone to stick with you throughout the process. 

The last thing you want is to have to explain yourself every time you call your debt counselor because you are dealing with a different person each time.

3. Access to your debt counselor

Over the years we have seen some companies use call centres to deal with clients. 

This could lead to problems and it ties in directly with the step above. 

The right debt counselor must be accessible to you. You do not have to be in the same city but you should be able to pick up the phone, ask for your debt counselor by name and get them directly. 

4. Avoid cutting corners

Cost-cutting is great, but when researching Debt Counsellors this should not take top priority. The cheapest debt review often have serious repercussions for the consumer as the client is not always the top priority for all Debt Counsellors.

The instalment needs to be sufficient to pay capital plus interest. When the instalment does not cover capital plus interest: The Court or National Tribunal will not grant an Order;

Your Next Steps

Debt Review Centre has been around for more than a decade. We understand by now that debt review is a delicate process. 

We have made easy for consumers to find out how much they can save with Debt Review and our staff are experienced professional who have helped thousands of Soth African get of debt in the last decade.

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