How long does Debt Review last?

As long as you'd like, you choose your terms

Debt Review durations are not fixed.

After a quick assessment, we will give you several duration options to choose from, based on your income and expenses.


Please speak to a debt expert today to determine the different times it would take you to be debt-free.


Call: 086 999 0785


” I am very satisfied with the service I received from DRC and will definitely recommend them to anyone in financial difficulty.”

“I applied for debt review when my debt became too much for me. DRC helped me a lot to pay up all my debt and I rest assured knowing I was protected by the process. Thank you Debt Review Centre.”

“I received very good service and the people at DRC are very friendly, always kept me updated, and made ensured I understand the process. They really know what they are doing! I will always refer my friends and family to Debt Review Centre.”