Employee Financial Wellness

Employee Financial Wellness

The most common effects of over-indebtedness and lack of Financial Wellness are:

• The person struggling with debt is embarrassed, demotivated, and pre-occupied
• Staff morale is low
• Increased stress levels lead to poor productivity and low levels of concentration
• Creditors start calling the workplace and Garnishees follow
• Tempers flare at the workplace and at home
• Companies receive requests for loans and advances against wages/salary
• Absenteeism as workers cannot afford taxi- or bus fare

The above effects has a direct influence on the employees’ productivity within the workplace. Therefore companies incorporate our service with their Wellness Days and seminars. We are requested to do a presentation on our services and explain the debt review process to their staff. We also assist by giving budgeting guidelines to our audience to assist with Financial Wellness. This service is free of charge to the employer.

The financially burdened consumer will struggle to add value to his/her working environment.

We partner with and assist employers by offering the following:

• Workshops on Financial Wellness and budgeting
• Assistance with debt counseling services
• Presentations on debt relief solutions and with Q&A afterward.


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