This is a real-life scenario… In specific cases, your debt could be written-off.

Mr. Laubscher had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  When we consulted with them during 2016, Mr. Laubscher was already unable to work and Mrs. Laubscher was the sole breadwinner.

Mr. Lauscher’s condition deteriorated rapidly and to such an extent that Mrs. Laubscher was compelled to get the assistance of a carer.  Mrs. Laubscher’s father assisted them financially, but as he retired, he was no longer in the position to assist.

We discussed Mr. Laubscher’s condition with Mrs. Laubscher, and she advised that Mr. Laubscher was incapacitated and unable to care for himself. 

The Specialist recommended Palliative Care at St Francis Hospice, as Mrs. Laubscher was under a lot of pressure and reprimanded at work due to lack of concentration.  The family’s situation becomes unbearable.  We, therefore, contacted all the credit providers to assist in any possible way, but motivated and requested them to write off their debt.

We continually followed up with credit providers and pleaded with them for assistance, until we eventually received the assistance we were asking for – the credit providers agreed to write their debt off! 

Below are the debt amounts we were able to get written-off.

Stilfontein Primary R39 997
Vericred R443
Old Mutual R8 329
Lewis Stores R11 978
Total R6 0747

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