DRC Cares – Adelaide Drought Relief

DRC Cares is a community assistance program we have established early 2018 which focuses on giving back to our community. We are inundated with requests and attempt to assist where we can, although it is not always possible to meet all the needs. When one comes to hear about a desperate need, such as the drought, it is not easy to look the other way and forget about it. The drought in certain areas of our country has been a major cause for concern for quite some time. When we received the request for assistance from the local Round Table, we immediately knew we need to assist somehow and everyone involved was excited about the idea. After more careful consideration of how we can assist the initial excitement was met with despair and concern as the magnitude of the affected area and the number of people requiring assistance is much greater than our available resources. This feeling of doubt is realistic as one often thinks that if I am unable to make a big gesture which results in a complete neutralisation of the issue, then you feel what is the point then.

This was also true for us. We realised that we do not have to solve the problem for every affected person to make a difference. Even if you only help one person for one day, or make a small difference in someone else’s life, you have achieved a great deal.

The Round Table managed to source feed for the farmers in the Adelaide area which were donated from Bredasdorp. The only obstacle was transporting the feed to Adelaide hence they required funding to pay for the transport. Our donation covered part of the transport which was delivered the following week. The Round Table forwarded us photos and heartfelt messages of thanks from the farmers which had most of us in tears.

When you listen to a farmer whose voice is trembling attempting to hold back the tears, thanking everyone involved for the donation he received, makes one realise that you do not have to solve everyone’s problem but making a small difference in someone else’s life confirms that giving is much more rewarding than receiving. It is well within most people’s reach to make a great difference in someone else’s life. When 400 people each donate R50 it pays for a load of feed delivered to a desperate farming community. No one is expecting you to solve the entire problem, just make a small difference. Imagine what we can achieve if we all adopted this mindset.

Debt Review Centre has partnered with Corporate Consumer Group, a Business Rescue and Management Consulting firm, offering free advice to anyone in the affected areas who is in financial distress, whether personally or as a company, as a result of the drought. How can you help?