Do you need assistance with debt review in Cape Town?

Many people living in Cape Town, and other parts of South Africa, battle with the burden of too much debt. Whether we would like to admit it, or not, being over-indebted has a way of catching up with us.

If you are tired of creditors breathing down your neck and have nightmares of losing your home or car, we have a simple and affordable solution for you.

Debt Review takes the sting out of the burden of over-indebtedness by protecting consumers from asset repossession and legal action.

Once you have started the Debt Review process, you no longer deal with your creditors directly. Debt Review Centre takes care of all your creditors by handling debt negotiations on your behalf. In turn, you pay only one affordable monthly installment, to give you some space to breathe again.

How do I know if I need Debt Review?

Debt Review is only for consumers with an income, who are either over-indebted or soon to be over-indebted.

If the sum total of your essential living expenses and current debt, exceed your monthly income, you are over-indebted.

There is no specific amount of debt you should have, to apply for Debt Review. Debt Review Centre is here to assist you with the smaller amounts, and avoid them becoming mountains of debt, but we also help make the mountains of debt disappear – with a structured Debt Review process.

You can start off your Debt Review journey by completing our Free Debt Saving Calculator.

Next, you can get in touch with one of our debt counsellors for an obligation free consultation by simply setting an appointment with one of our experts here:

Our team of qualified debt counsellors from Debt Review Centre will then work out a payment plan to suit the individual needs of our Cape Town clients.

While all this peace of mind, does come at a fee, we are strictly governed and regulated by the National Credit Regulator. In addition, you will not be expected to pay any upfront fees. The applicable fees for your Debt Review will be incorporated into your debt instalment.