Do you need help with debt review in Durban?

While many consumers in Durban, and other parts of South Africa, may feel like they are trapped in an ocean of debt all by themselves, the Debt Review process offers a lifeline to get you out of the murky debt waters.

In fact, your Debt Counsellor will soon become the professional go-to person that hands you this lifeline and guides you through the Debt Review process until you are safely back in the land of debt-free living.

Once you start with the Debt Review process with Debt Review Centre, your Debt Counsellor takes over all your debt negotiations on your behalf and becomes your main contact person.

The process of Debt Review is surprisingly uncomplicated, and the only thing required initially from a consumer or client would be to supply the Debt Counsellor with the necessary paperwork and documents, with no upfront fees.

Once your Debt Review instalment has been determined, and you are comfortable with the repayment term, all you need to do is pay your monthly instalment and watch your debt disappear.

Meet your new best friend

The concept of Debt Counsellors was formally introduced by the National Credit Act in 2005 and essentially offers debt counselling to consumers who need help with managing debt that has become too large to handle by themselves.

In the Debt Review process, your Debt Counsellor will indeed become your best friend when it comes to helping you with the process of eliminating your debt in the most effective manner possible, tailored to your individual situation.

Best of all, you no longer have to deal with creditor harassment since your Debt Counsellor will liaise the best possible deal with your creditors on your behalf.

Debt Review Centre’s consultants are professionally trained, with a wealth of combined experience in managing debt; leaving you time to take control of your finances and your future.

Our team of friendly and professional Debt Counsellors are ready and waiting to help our Durban consumers. Get in touch with one of our debt counsellors for an obligation free consultation by making an appointment here