Do you need help with debt review in Port Elizabeth?

Endless piles of notices, final demands, and phone-calls from creditors can be incredibly stressful. At Debt Review Centre we help overburdened and over-extended consumers living in Port Elizabeth, and other parts of the country, to deal with debt effectively.

Our goal is to get every client out of debt, as fast as possible.

The Debt Review program is not a drawn-out process and will save you time when considering the alternative of dealing with your debt on your own by possibly facing legal action or losing your assets.

Debt Review Centre offers you flexible repayment plans where, depending on the amount of debt, it can be settled over either 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, or 72 months. The length of the repayment plan also depends on the affordability of the monthly instalment – which is set at what is affordable to you – our client.

Going the extra mile

Once the client and Debt Review Counsellor come to an agreement on the monthly instalment, the Debt Counsellor continues to negotiate on behalf of the client with the Creditors. Once the repayment terms are agreed upon by everyone, the matter is referred to the National Consumer Tribunal for a Consent Order, where after the first monthly instalment will be deducted.

All Debt Review Centre clients receive an SMS once their instalments are deducted from their accounts. They also get another SMS once the funds have been distributed amongst the creditors, followed by a monthly statement to confirm the distribution and their Debt Review progress.

Debt Review Centre is one of very few debt counselling firms in Port Elizabeth, and South Africa, that conducts an annual review on all clients’ files. This generally speeds up the process of clients getting out of debt sooner by aligning their financial position with the repayment amount. If the clients’ financial position improves, an increased instalment will mean that the client can exit debt review sooner.

Our professional team at Debt Review Centre is eager to go on a journey with Port Elizabeth consumers seeking relief from their debt worries. Take charge of your finances by contacting us today for an obligation-free consultation here: