Creditors can sometimes extend credit to people who they know, can’t afford to pay them back. This is of course irresponsible from their part and it always ends badly for consumers.

Debt Review Centre has on many occasions successfully brought Reckless Credit Allegations against creditors and got hundreds of thousands of Rands of debt written-off for several clients.

What is A Reckless Credit Allegation?

Reckless credit allegations may happen when creditors fail to conduct a thorough analysis of whether the consumer is able to pay the money back.

In such cases, consumers can reach a favorable settlement agreement with the creditor.

Debt Review Centre has successfully done this on numerous occasions.

When successful, such cases can reduce monthly installments significantly and in some cases write off the debt.

One such recent example is a client who saw their debt reduced by over R120,000.

Click here to view the redacted court document.

The Impact Of Interest Rates

An important aspect of debt review, even without Reckless Credit Allegations, is our ability to significantly reduce interest rates under debt review.

We take interest rates negotiation very seriously, here’s why.

The table below shows how important the reduction of interest rates can be and why you should have a debt counselor who can negotiate the best interest rates on your behalf.


Creditor Original Balance Original Interest Orginal Instalment Proposed Interest Final Payment
ABSA BANK CREDIT CARD 20377.33 18.75% 573.78 0.70% 290.86
WOOLWORTHS LOAN 95552.91 24.85% 2796.21 0.78% 1451.20
MASSMART 7545.57 20.75% 505.66 0.73% 255.15
FNB OVERDRAFT 34946.31 20.75% 2981.19 0.73% 1548.19
FNB CREDIT CARDS 78165.59 20.75% 5533.76 0.73% 2886.63
FNB PERSONAL LOANS 18936.00 23.35% 1271.15 0.76% 345.14
FNB PERSONAL LOANS 35324.38 20.00% 677.29 0.72% 773.76
STANDARD BANK CREDIT CARDS 49655.12 19.25% 1489.65 0.705 963.97
WESBANK PERSONAL LOANS 115977.65 24.75% 4777.59 0.78% 2490.13
Total 456,480.86 20,6060.28 11,005.02

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