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Understanding The Debt Collection Process


The debt collection process is a simple process with severe consequences for the unaware debtor.

So you skip a payment here and there and think it will not have an effect, as long as you make a payment again next month, right? Sure some creditors do not proceed with legal action the first month you default […]

Understanding The Debt Collection Process2019-02-05T14:46:04+02:00

Personal Surety – Why I Should Not Sign It


What Is Surety?

Personal Surety is defined as “A surety bond or surety is a promise by a surety or guarantor to pay one party (the obligee) a certain amount if a second party (the principal) fails to meet some obligation, such as fulfilling the terms of a contract”.

This is also simplified by understanding that when an individual or business borrows money […]

Personal Surety – Why I Should Not Sign It2018-09-26T11:23:44+02:00

How “John” Reduced His Interest Rate from 36% to Zero


Below is a table showing how “John”, actual client but not his real name, was able to get his interest rates reduced by different creditors, with the help of Debt Review Centre.

Total Savings With Debt Review

Below is a breakdown of how much John owed and how much he paid back with […]

How “John” Reduced His Interest Rate from 36% to Zero2019-03-07T15:54:26+02:00

Planning A Proper Budget (5 Steps)


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Planning a budget seems relatively simple and by following the below guidelines it is. Sticking to the budget and tracking same on a monthly basis takes effort and commitment to your financial goals. This is where most people fall short. Overcome this by setting a deadline i.e. the first Friday of […]

Planning A Proper Budget (5 Steps)2018-09-13T09:43:12+02:00

Why You Should Not Borrow Money On Behalf Of Others


We have noticed that our clients raise this subject more and more often. They have taken out a loan or a clothing account on behalf of a friend or family member, but as of late the borrower is unable to make payment when it is due and this has led to the client’s over-indebtedness, and […]

Why You Should Not Borrow Money On Behalf Of Others2018-09-20T07:16:20+02:00

How To Get Out Of Debt: Three Steps


What is Bad debt?

Firstly, you need to understand that there is a difference between good and bad debt. By this statement obviously not all debt should be considered as bad. To distinguish between the two is relatively simple. Bad debt takes money from you and will make you poor. Good debt is debt which someone […]

How To Get Out Of Debt: Three Steps2018-09-20T09:07:44+02:00

9 smart ways to save fuel


9 Smart Ways To Save Fuel

1. Learn the basics of safe ‘hypermiling’

Hypermiling is a style of driving that can save you a surprising amount of fuel. (Aim to drive smoothly, avoiding accelerating or braking too hard. Don’t drive at high speeds, and use the handbrake for hill starts instead of revving your car.

2. Park […]

9 smart ways to save fuel2018-07-26T08:36:34+02:00

Frequently Asked Questions About Debt Review


Even though Debt Review (DR) was incepted during June 2007 with the implementation of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005, we often find that some members of the public have the most ludicrous concepts about the process and the effects and benefits thereof. Some think it is another loan, others consider […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Debt Review2018-04-16T12:57:50+02:00

Dealing with Debt after Retrenchement


It is common knowledge that the ever deteriorating economy is causing increased pressure on employers to reduce company expenses in an attempt to keep the company afloat. Unfortunately strikes and wage demands only place the company in further distress. As a result companies often have no alternative but to retrench staff in order […]

Dealing with Debt after Retrenchement2018-04-16T12:55:12+02:00

Understanding Credit Amnesty



Our firm has been inundated with queries regarding the credit amnesty incepted earlier. The various queries portray that there is a lot of misperception regarding this matter. In my opinion the vague naming thereof is one of the main causes for this confusion. Describing it as Credit Information Amnesty would […]

Understanding Credit Amnesty2018-04-16T12:48:44+02:00
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