Do you need help with debt review in Johannesburg

A Debt Review programme takes the sting out of repayments for Johannesburg consumers who have ended up with too much debt.

Your creditors are taken care of with one easy, affordable monthly instalment – and you are set on your way to financial freedom.

Best of all, after submitting your Debt Review application, you will immediately be protected from legal action taken by your creditors and your assets will be protected.

The Debt Review process offers a powerful method of taking charge of your finances. In the long run, it can also lead to a favourable credit record.

Know your Rights

Your rights as a consumer are important and you can in no way be discriminated against if you are undergoing Debt Review.

While you are undergoing Debt Review, you will be placed on the National Credit Regulator’s Debt help system, which in turn informs all credit bureaus and it is noted on your credit profile.

This is not to embarrass you in any way, but is a measure put in place to avoid further debt. Should a consumer already be undergoing Debt Review, it would be considered Reckless Credit to allow further debt.

In the instance where debt was granted recklessly, you can apply to have it written off through Debt Review Centre. Read more about our successes in this department, where the court ruled in Debt Review Centre’s favour and where we settled with another major credit provider here.

It would be considered discrimination if your credit profile influences any future job screening outcomes, or a rental application. It is important to know your rights – before, during and after your Debt Review programme – which will all be explained to you by our team of professional Debt Counsellors.

Remember that once you have completed the Debt Review process by settling all your debt, you exit the process and your credit profile is instantly updated. You also become eligible for credit again.

Our friendly team of Debt Counsellors are ready to assist Johannesburg consumers with an obligation free consultation here.